On Great Western Railway services:

If you’re travelling on a High Speed Train (HST) or an Intercity Express Train (IET), you must book your bike on in advance. This applies even for short journeys. You can do this as part of the normal online ticket booking process at, by contacting Great Western Railway (GWR) on 0345 7000 125 (open 7am to 10pm daily) or by booking in person at a staffed station.

On the smaller local trains, there is an allocation of two bikes per train, on a first come first served basis. It is, however, up to the guard’s discretion – so if the train is empty you may be able to take more.

Read more on GWR’s cycling page.

On South Western Railway services:

If you are travelling between Exeter and Axminster (the East Devon Line), these services are run by South Western Railway (SWR). To bring a bike on the train you need to reserve a space. Call 0345 600 0650 or book at any SWR staffed station (at least 24 hours in advance).

Find out more on SWR’s cycling page.

On CrossCountry services:

Some long-distance services are run by CrossCountry. They advise to reserve your bike space before you travel – read more on CrossCountry’s cycling page.

Tip – the National Rail Enquiries website gives details of which operator runs each train. Click ‘Details’ on your chosen departure, then scroll down to see the operator.

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