Take your buggy on the train – our first video ad


We are always seeking new marketing avenues to promote Devon and Cornwall’s branch lines, and our first ever video advert has proved a big success – having been viewed by more than 10,000 Devon and Cornwall residents.

The video – aimed at young families and focused on the sense of adventure that comes with a trip on the train – was extremely cost efficient. It was shot by the Partnership ourselves on a mobile phone, using volunteers as models and narrator (a big thank you to all involved).

It was promoted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, with £50 spent on advertising on each social network. The advert was carefully targeted at parents of under 5s in rail-served towns in Devon and Cornwall – meaning the advert reached those people to whom the campaign would be most relevant. The video was subsequently shared further afield by local parents and organisations alike.

Overall, the video was viewed more than 10,000 times – with 70% of the coverage coming from Facebook. Being able to monitor the success of the campaign so closely means that we can be even more cost effective in future campaigns.

Great Western Railway’s Mobility and Inclusion Manager, Neil Craig, described the video as “great”, and feedback on Mumsnet included that the video and our travel tips webpage provided “great clear info”.