St Ives Bay Line art competition – shortlists and winners

Collage of shortlisted entries in St Ives Bay Line art competition

An amazing 75 sketches were submitted by professionals and hobbyists alike in our competition to design Direction of Travel signs for Lelant and Carbis Bay stations.

These are the shortlisted entries. Keep scrolling to see who won!

A huge thanks to everyone who took part and to our team of judges. The completed signs will be launched this spring. Project part-funded by the Community Rail Development Fund, which is backed by the Department for Transport and the Community Rail Network.

Carbis Bay shortlist

Holly Astle rail sign sketch
Holly Astle |

Megs Johnson rail sign sketch
Megs Johnson |

Emily Thomas rail sign sketch
Emily Thomas |

Louise Hannaford rail sign sketch
Louise Hannaford |

Tamsin Page rail sign sketch
Tamsin Page |

Stevie McCrindle rail sign sketch
Stevie McCrindle |

Hannah Beech rail sign sketch
Hannah Beech |

Frederick Davis Carbis Bay rail sign sketch
Frederick Davis |

Lynne Bishop Carbis Bay rail sign sketch
Lynne Bishop

Lois Hinshelwood rail sign sketch
Lois Hinshelwood |

Katherine Murdoch rail sign sketch
Katherine Murdoch

Sam Fred Hinton rail sign sketch
Sam Fred Hinton |

Carbis Bay WINNER

Darcy Flint rail sign sketch
Darcy Flint |

In Darcy’s words:

The image is full of direct motifs; In the centre of the image is a mineshaft paying homage to Peter Lanyon’s seminal image ’St Just’, whilst forms similar to those used by Barbara Hepworth are scattered throughout, the work of Ben Nicholson is mirrored specifically in the top left of the landscape, the futuristic work of Naum Gabo influenced the construction on the left hand side of the beach and finally the little row of houses is a salute to the great Alfred Wallis.

The exaggerated scale of the buildings, coupled with the boldness of forms and colour are an attempt to create an image which can be appreciated both on the platform and from the train. In the image I wanted to highlight monuments which are key to St Ives’ and Carbis bay’s economy and social landscape, with the mining and hospitality industries key to the communities prosperity.

Lelant shortlist

Alesa Design rail sign sketch
Alesa Design |

Jenna Witts' Lelant rail sign sketch
Jenna Witts |

Marina Bright rail sign sketch
Marina Bright |

Sally Carver rail sign sketch
Sally Carver |

Tabitha Fulham rail sign sketch
Tabitha Fulham |

Emily Stanbury Lelant rail sign sketch
Emily Stanbury |

Alex Stowe rail sign sketch
Alex Stowe |

Kate Fjelle rail sign sketch
Kate Fjelle |

Tim Wright rail sign sketch
Tim Wright

Kyanna Cleave rail sign sketch
Kyanna Cleave |

Caroline Wallis rail sign sketch
Caroline Wallis |

Joanne Tyler Lelant rail sign sketch
Joanne Tyler |


Marianne Thomas rail sign sketch
Marianne Thomas |

In Marianne’s words

As an artist and like so many before me my artwork focuses on the unique light that St.Ives is famous for. This part of the Cornish Coast is trimmed by the hedgerow and I have used the beauty and form of it to create my surfer with blackberry bush hair.

The picturesque St.Erth bridge is the start to the journey with it’s red river and seagulls accompanying the surfer through the clouds on a bright red surfboard. Whilst paintbrushes and art tools are being stored in the cloud amongst the rocks and flowers to signify the arrival in St.Ives.

Latest travel advice (12th April 2021)

Face coverings must be worn on public transport and in stations unless you are exempt. If you can, please buy your ticket online on the GWR app or website. Please also remember to wash your hands and use social distancing. Read more on GWR’s Covid advice page.